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Review - I have been under chiropractic care since the 7th grade when I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. I rely on my Chiropractor more than my GP for keeping my body in sync. I react poorly to medication and Chiropractic is the only form of treatment that makes me feel better for anything that might be ailing me. I have been to a few DC's in Hoboken and Dr. Marco is the best!!! He listens to me when I talk and never talks AT you. He is gentle and understanding. He makes you feel at home and has the best bedside manner. My migraine's, menstrual aches, TMJ, Knees and Shoulders, sinuses and everyday STRESSES seem to be kept at a tolerable level because of him. I would recommend him to anyone. He is awesome!!!
Review - By far the greatest practitioner I have ever met. Not only is he knowledgable, to say the least, and good at what he does. He is caring and really makes you feel comfortable and makes you feel almost like family. He exudes energy and care for his patience. Best chiropractor from here to Florida!
Reviewed by - Lisa Reinschmidt 
Review - I am a regular patient of Dr Marco. I began my treatment and could not be happier I started. After years of constant discomfort, I took the initiative and guidance of my partner and am virutally pain free (the occasional kink happens to everyone). Everyone has daily stresses and obstacles, and this is something Dr Marco understands and works with. He is extremely gentle in his repertoire and does not rush you in and out of his office. He takes the utmost care in treating (explanations of all treatments PRIOR to performing anything and making certain that the patient is comforatble) AND listening (truly listens to you) to any questions a patient may have. It is far and few between that you can actually look forward to going to the doctor, but Dr Marco eases your worries and makes it simple.
Dr. Stephen P. Marco, DC